Sunday, February 14, 2016


Welcome friends, family, and guests!

We gather here today to celebrate the wedding of
@MarleyCharms and @Mahon_Maura Little Bear

We are here in Ireland at the Dunluce Castle ruins on the 
Antrim Coast.
The castle was built in the 1500s and is a lovely setting for today's wedding.

We have the special pleasure of having the Sun Ray Bagpipers
entertaining us today.
Let's listen HERE while we wait for things to start...

While we listen to the bagpipers there are some pre-festivity refreshments.

Make sure you try some cake, made especially for this event by @CoffeeShihtzu #TzuBakery

The ceremony and reception is going to take place on an awesome floating platform that @Tobydog2015 has built specially for Marley and Bear's wedding!
It has a spectacular view of the castle and waterfall!

And as a special treat we have Gondoliers from Italy helping us transport the wedding party and guests to the platform!

So make sure you hop on a gondola and arrive at the platform before the ceremony starts.
I hope everyone is ready to have the time of their lives!

As pals start to arrive, make sure you check out what they are wearing. We had world famous
designers help us with the outfits for this event.
@BarbaraBpiwetz @FluffyBasil @PuppyNumber7
Thank you!

Please make sure you sign the Guest Book before leaving today.